• Living in a blender can be... messy!
    Blended messy families can be successful! Very successful!

    Is it easy? No!
    Is it difficult? Yes, at times?
    Is it worth it? Absolutely.

  • Most of the problems in any stepfamily or blended family situation are a result of the ‘blended’ dynamics, not the people involved.

  • It just takes 40 seconds of courage!

    Call today for your connection.

    After working with literally tens of thousands of families, we have learned a few things about what works and what does not.

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The Bayridge Therapy

If parenting is one of the hardest jobs you will ever take on... then stepparenting must be close to the hardest!

How to tell if your new marriage needs some help
  • You are arguing over the same things.
  • You are emotionally withdrawn from your partner.
  • Your sex life has diminished greatly.
  • You resent your roles in the home.
  • You believe that your partner is picking on your child.
  • You are fearful for your children.
  • You resent your partner’s child for taking all your partner’s attention.
  • You feel like you are not #1 on your partner’s priority list, but #3 or #4 and sometimes you think you are even behind the dog.
  • You feel like your voice doesn’t count.
Couple therapy can help you develop
  • Clear communication styles
  • Creative problem solving for complex situations
  • Emotional containment and stability
  • Protection for the children while not joining in with their unconscious mutiny
  • Shared leadership
  • Mindfulness of malformed patterns
  • How to stop choosing of sides
  • How to pinpoint the typical triggers and landmines
  • How to keep it simple
How to tell if your child needs some help
Family therapy might be helpful if:
  • They are torn between two parents or households.
  • They feel excluded.
  • They are isolated by feelings of anger and guilt.
  • They’re unsure about what's right or wrong.
  • They’re uncomfortable with any member of his or her original family or stepfamily.
In addition, family therapy might be helpful if
  • Your child shows anger or resentment toward a particular family member.
  • One child seems to be favoured over another.
  • Discipline is left only to the child's parent, rather than involving both the parent and stepparent.
  • Your child frequently cries or begins to withdraw.
  • Family members derive no pleasure from typical enjoyable activities.
  • A child is being bullied.
  • Your child retreats to his room often.
  • One set of children plays in one room and the other in the basement.
Working with one of Bayridge’s ‘Child’ or ‘Teen’ therapists allows them to process very painful, difficult and complex feelings. In reality, they are being emotionally pulled not two directions but often in four or more. They experience ‘split-loyalties’ and oscillate between guilt, anger, confusion and jealousy. They need a safe person to talk to who does not have an agenda or present a conflict. Even their birth parent may not objective and their insight may not be helpful. Family therapy allows us to clean up unprocessed emotional wounding and teaches us to emotionally perceive things differently, enabling new attachments to bond.

At Bayridge we love families... all kinds of families. We work with couples, families, kids and teens every single day. After working with literally tens of thousands of families, we have learned a few things about what works and what does not.

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